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Synthetic DIY Camping Underquilt

A DIY Hammock Camping Synthetic Underquilt

19 February, 2014

Hammock camping dictates the use of some form of underquilt to help stay warm. Due to more heatloss while sleeping in a hammock from underneath then in a tent.

Based on the online design from DIYGearSupply using their underquilt design. Using Insultex from DIYGearSupply and light grey 1.1oz nylon riptop, from RipStopByTheRoll.

Here is a photo of it packed away in its stuff sack! It's stuff sack needs to be readjusted to be smalled since I would say it only fills about 2/3 of it currently.stuff sack

And fully open. Its about 58" by 44". I do plan on making a 900fp goose down one, if this works out.underquilt

It still needs an attachment system to tie it to the hammock. I have most of the hardware just need to figure out the correct lengths.