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Motocycle Sidecase Signals

A DIY Motocycle Sidecase Signals

17 February, 2014

On display at the motorcycle show, where some nifty turn signals and brake lights using led strips to be installed on motorcycle sidecases. Figuring I could do one better, and not one to buy off the shelf if I can have some fun making it myself. I decided to undertake making my own.

This is the first post on the topic, basicly talking about initial part selection.


  • bicolor/rgb led strips
  • flash under braking for the first 1-2 seconds (strobe effect) solid afterwards
  • indicate stop and turn at the same time
  • running lights (dimmer amber)

Some parts on order:

  • NeoPixel RGB Stick (mainly for testing)
  • NeoPixel RGB Strip (final install)
  • Adafruit Trinket Microcontroller

NeoPixels are pretty nifty and should make for some interesting options in terms of features. Driving a total of around 16 leds (8 per side) should mean the little microcontroller can handle it without stepping up to something much more sophisticated.

The NeoPixels need 5v, a small UBEC (RC 5v regulator board) will most likely be used.

Basic idea of the wiring to be done. sch