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Motocycle Sidecase Signals

A DIY Motocycle Sidecase Signals

1 March, 2014

A quick check of the NeoPixel library from Adafruit, made me look at other options and I found FastLED.

Also created the repo for it. As I play around I will update the code and put all the documentation for the project into the repo.

My current concern is if the Adafruit Trinket will have enough code space if not I will need to step up to something a little more beefy. In terms of IO pins, it has just the right number, 2 output pins to run 2 rgb LED strips, 3 inputs, brakes, right turn, left turn. Disconnecting the board from the LED strips and inputs will be required for programming.

Having played around with it the NeoPixels a few things become clear.

  • They are BRIGHT. (More then enough!)
  • Getting a colour I like out of them will be a little tricky.
  • The startup time of the Trinket is fairly long. (10s) During which time the LEDS will be dark.