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Vancouver, BC

MotoCamping Trip Vancouver, BC to Hood River, OR

27 June, 2014

This will be the second time I do this ride. Vancouver to Hood River, about 600km each way. The previous time I took a nice route with an epic mountain road. It was also pretty much the first time I rode any real distance on my motorcycle.

I have to say NF25 was one of the most amazing twisty roads I have taken. Be warned that it is very desolate, and on a sunny saturday I did not see any one else for over an hour of riding. Would highly recommend. There is a little section that connects NF25 with the Columbia valley. And it has to be one of the nicest little sections of roads on the whole trip, with the trees cut back and pristine pavement, with plenty turns.

Turns out that on this time down due to weather, I stuck to the I-5. With a stop in Portland, OR to hang out with a friend and warm up after a few hours on the highway in the rain. Portland was a great break from the ride.

Including a detour to Voodoo Donuts of course!

Voodoo Donuts!