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Vancouver, BC

MotoCamping Trip Vancouver, BC to Nicola Lake, near Merrit, BC

26 July, 2014

This is a much shorter trip then some of the other camping trips I have done. With only 290km or so to ride, it is within range of a single shot ride, no need to stop.

On the ride there I was joined by one of my friends, and we where lucky enough to get our camping gear carried by another vehicle making the trip, freeing us up for a more spirited ride.

From Vancouver, you end up taking the main highway (Highway 1) to Hope, BC, and from there we took Highway 5. With the new speed limits put in place in BC a few months ago, we saw speed limits raised from 110km/h on most of our ride to 120km/h. With grades up to 13% and most likely averaging something around 9% for a solid 50km I can say without a doubt it was a push for my CB500F at times to keep pace. But it was great ride, it was not till we go off the main road that it really became twisty. I will say that Highway 5 is a car killer, the number of cars I saw overheated on my ride back was staggering. Somehow the plucky little Japanese motorcycle build in Thailand, did not hesitate and just ate the distance.

There are some great little sections of road to explore around Merrit, BC as well as some great spots to camp out and just float on the lake. If you are in the area I would highly recommend a nice refreshing swim.