Melding Technology

Vancouver, BC

RigidBot Build

29 July, 2014

A few weeks ago I got my RigidBot 3D Printer from the kickstarter I back almost 18 months ago. After a lot of backers turned negative, this seems to still be one of the kickstarter that delivered. A few little issues did crop up during the build.

Some of the screw holes where stripped, lucky only 2, and not in a critical location. Also a few missing pieces, namely the heated printer bed. Last but not least the power supply had a good rattle to it. Popping open the power supply led to finding a chunk of random metal just floating around inside the case, with that removed, and checked over it powered up just fine.

Some pictures from my completed unit are below. I even got it printing just fine using Cura to slice, and OctoPi to run the printer. Some painters tape + hairspray to guarantee it would not lift off the bed, and away it went printing.

I have tested printing at up to speeds of 125mm/sec which may have been pushing it a bit fast, but overall the print quality did not suffer too much. I did find some issues with OctoPrint and will be upgrading to a newer version and will write up a post on my findings.

Rigidbot Built

Fully build was about 3h to put the kit together, most of it was pretty clear, still some minor things I want to fix. More about this to come.

Voodoo Donuts!

A test print 50mm angle calibration print, turned out decently.