Melding Technology

Vancouver, BC

RigidBot Impressions

7 August, 2014

Having been using my rigidbot for a few weeks now I can give a much better impression of the printer.

It has a massive print area. Pretty much anything I could think of printing fits in the print area. This also means the printer is massive and takes up a large chunk of my work area, I still need to figure out a better way of storing the unit when not in use.

It is decently fast, I can get out a prototype for an idea almost faster then I can write the openSCAD code for it.

With almost no tuning I get decent prints, I do need to tighten some of the belts, as well as calibrate the extruder, but overall I get decent enough results.

My missing heated bed is suppose to be on the way soon, that should help with some of the warping I see on large thin prints.

I use OctoPi a OctoPrint distro to run my printer and could not be happier. I also have some LEDs and a webcam on hooked up. Still need to find a good spot to steal 24v for my LEDs.