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Vancouver, BC

Adventures with WifiPineapple

Wifi SSID White Noise

12 March, 2014

At a local InfoSec conferences a local hackspace was running a wall of sheep/wall of shame. Basicly they scan for all wifi clients etc, and post up the SSID, so access points as well as wifi clients.

Deciding to have some fun with this, loaded up my WifiPineapple with mkd (occupineapple) with a fuzz list full of SQL and command injections.

Seeing as this had no effect, occupineapple was turn on in random mode, to create a lot of whitenoise, making the list useless. Sometimes, the best defense is a good offence.

The WifiPineapple proved itself to be a great little wifi tool. Having said that, the battery back purchased with it (6800mah one) is less of a great product. Look for more adventures with the pineapple in the future.