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OpenWRT on a D-Link DIR-505

OpenWRT on a D-Link DIR-505

15 March, 2014

The DIR-505 is a small power brick like mobile router, normally availabel on sale for under $30. it has a few things going for it, 64mb ram, 8mb flash, which is more then most low cost mobile routers.

Hardware Info
RAM 64mb
Flash 8mb
Ethernet 10/100
Wireless 802.11n/g
USB 1x USB 2.0
Architecture MIPS 24Kc
SoC Atheros AR9330 rev 1
CPU Speed 400mhz

More info

Getting OpenWRT on it was a little tricky, you either need to compile and patch it yourself, or download a precompiled image from the forum.

One of the nice things about the DIR-505 is that it has a webbased recovery mode (uboot). So playing around with images is nice and easy.

Once the current trunk build can be verified, a link will be posted to the image. Two versions are build, one to update from teh original firmware, the other to upgrade from a currently openwrt installed unit.